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Co-Founder & Senior Advisor

Esfandiar is Co-founder and Managing Director of Novirian Capital. He brings 25 years of venture capital experience to the table, both primary and secondary venture. His area of focus has been technology.

Some notable exits have been Webroot (acquired by Carbonite), Cortina Systems (acquired by Inphi and Realtek), Grid Dynamics (acquired by ASL), AccountNow (acquired by GreenDot), LogLogic (acquired by TIBCO), Omneon (acquired by Harmonic), Sigmatel (IPO), Resonext (acquired by RF MicroDevices) and Endwave (IPO). During this time period, he has completed secondary transactions both at the portfolio level as well as single-company level.

Prior to Invesco Private Capital, Esfandiar was with AT&T for 16 years. His experience at AT&T covered many areas of the business: R&D in semiconductor manufacturing while at Bell Labs, Corporate Development, Finance and Marketing. In addition, he was a member of the management team at Pixel Machines, a startup dedicated to building high-end graphics and image processing systems.

Esfandiar holds a PhD in Operations research from the UCLA School of Engineering, a MS in Operations Research from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and a BA in Mathematics from Berea College.

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