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Managing Director

Ale joined Novirian in 2023 from Fidelity Investments. As Vice President of Fintech Research at Fidelity Center for Applied Technology, Ale acted as a bridge between Fidelity, startups, and Venture Capital firms, sifting the trends and companies accelerating and stretching Fidelity’s growth strategy.

Ale grew up building his own toys and writing and selling software through magazines. In 2000, his passion for software-led disruption brought him to join an internet startup, where he built a new business from zero to $18M/y in 15 months. He then moved to the corporate world as a strategist in the telecom industry. At Vodafone he took from whiteboard to market launch what became their B2B flagship product line. At Colt he led strategy and business development for the voice business. Colt is owned by Fidelity’s Private Equity arm: a couple of questions led to an advisor role, which led to Ale joining Fidelity in 2016 to build a global startup scouting team, followed by a period in Corporate Development.

Ale holds a MEng in Industrial Engineering from Polytechnic University of Milan and an MBA from SDA Bocconi / London Business School, where he was a merit scholarship recipient.

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